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A Parable for Our Time

One day the sons of God came to appear before the omnipotent God of this universe, and Satan came among them.

"What are you doing here?" asked God.

"I have come from walking to and fro throughout all the earth," replied Satan.

"Well then," said the Lord, "You have doubtless considered my servants the Southern Baptists, how they have remained true to Me when all other mainline denominations have lost their moorings. Southern Baptists have kept their knees bowed before Me and their hearts burdened for the lost."

Well, Satan looked exasperated for just a fleeting moment and then posed a question to the Lord, "Do Southern Baptists fear God for nothing? You have taken them when they were the least of all people, despised of men, the offscouring of the earth, butchers and bakers and candlestick makers, and you have made them into one of the great Christian witnesses of all time. Reach out your hand and afflict them...

1. The conservative renaissance in the Southern Baptist Convention was a raw grab for political power -- the "outs" against the "ins."

2. Widespread busing of messengers occurred in order to win the convention votes.

3, The conservatives had compiled an enormous war chest of funds with which to promote their cause.

4. Wide-scale taping of seminary classes was ordered by the leaders of the conservative resurgence. The students then mailed those tapes, or brought them, to a "war room" at First Baptist Church in Dallas.

5. There have been mass firings as a result of the conservative revival.

6. There may have been some problems in our convention, but they were certainly not theological.

7. The Priesthood of the Believers means that a person is entitled to believe ...