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Is Mormonism Christian? This question is not a new one, but one that is being asked recently from a different direction and with a different angle. Previously this query was raised principally by traditional Christians on a quest to determine whether or not Mormon doctrines and principles were indeed Christian. The answers found, often provided by outstanding evangelical scholars and apologists, demonstrated that the LDS Church does indeed believe that the Bible has been corrupted, that Joseph Smith added additional, fabricated volumes to Scripture, that God was once a man, that Jesus was "sired" by God in union with Mary, that active membership in the LDS Church is essential for the fullness of salvation, and numerous other doctrinal positions wholly incompatible with biblical, orthodox Christianity.

Today, however, the question originates with the Mormon Church and is directed to at least two audiences. The first audience is their own membership, many of whom are unset...

You Mean Mormons May Not Be Christians?

As Pastor Bob Smith rounded the corner, heading toward his study after Wednesday Bible study, he was met by Clarice Jerdan, one of his church members who had a way of turning a not-quite-current phrase, with a whole series of questions. "Pastor, what was all that noise about the Fellowship of Christian Athletes here in Tennessee barring a Mormon athlete from receiving an award? How could they have kept that from him? After all, Mormons are generally good folks, aren't they? They even have missionaries and baptize by immersion don't they?"

Pastor Smith, who had been asked those questions before, replied, "Well, dear sister, I won't try to interpret FCA practice or policy but I'm happy to talk with you about Mormonism. You may remember that when this news broke, a newspaper ran a column entitled "Baptists Find Mormons A Little Too Close For Comfort." It's a cute ti...