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A Glorious Future Ahead

Fiftieth birthdays are sometimes tough ordeals. Someone has described turning 50 as a bit like canoeing down a river and suddenly hearing the waterfalls ahead. Time is obviously getting short, and for the vast majority of us who have turned 50, life is well over one-half finished. We sometimes want to put a humorous twist on this. I heard one story of a man who turned 50. He asked his wife, "Do I look 50?" Her response was, "Not any more!"

Fiftieth anniversaries and birthdays are a little different for seminaries. We, here at Midwestern, are at our half-century mark, and we feel like we have just begun. What is being laid here is a strong, mature foundation — theologically/doctrinally, endowment, and facility-wise, as well as in terms of faculty and other human resources — for a...