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Wading and fishing the rivers of my Ozark childhood, I thought I knew what it was like to wade in too deep and be swept away by the powerful current.

I didn't.

The true reality of that experience only became mine when I waded into the rivers of China's lost humanity and found myself swept into the depths of both their lostness and God's great salvation.

There are more lost people in China than in any other nation on earth: 1.2 billion. The number staggers us but not Christ and not His Church there. The Chinese church, in its many-faceted expressions is strong and fervent while at the same time harassed and oppressed. It also is humbling in its passion.

Recently, a worker sought to discover if there were any believers in an unreached Chinese mega-city. Finding a few, he offered training in evangelism and church planting. The four who showed up were dirty and scruffy. He was discouraged. At a loss as to where to start, he pulled back the cur...

A story from Dan Crawford, professor and occupant of the Chair of Prayer at Southwestern Seminary, illustrates the crucial nature of prayer in effective evangelism, and how easily it can be overlooked.

A church in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area had attempted for seven years to establish a base of witness and ministry in an enormous apartment complex that housed 2,000 people. Various students from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary had tried various approaches, but apartment management had been adamant in refusing to allow any ministry in the complex. Finally a young woman was assigned the complex and she decided that if she were a resident there, God would open a door. She moved in, but nothing changed. The answer remained, "No."

One day, in Dr. Crawford's prayer class, she heard about prayerwalking - intercession in the world on behalf of a lost world. As she drove home that evening God showed her that they had tried everything but the first thing - prayer. Agreeing...