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"We have to figure out how to manage all this stress."

Richard Swenson's first suggestion: live intentionally.

"If you don't fix these problems in your life, nobody else will," Swenson said in the second of his two lectures in Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary's Scudder Lecture Series, March 27-28 in Kansas City, Mo.

Swenson voiced the attitude: "There's the kingdom of God at stake. There's Jesus telling me how to walk. I'm not gonna let this culture terrorize me, bully me and push me around." Romans 12:1-2, he reminded, exhorts, "Do not be conformed."

"What does that mean? Be a clone?" Swenson asked, answering, "It means to be transformed by the gospel."

His second suggestion: lower your expectations by accepting human limits.

"It's not a spiritual crime to admit that we have limits in our life. It's a sign of maturity,&quo...