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My computer told me I should erase my history. I chose the 1980's—solely on the basis of hair. Thankfully, my hairstyle changes on a bi-weekly basis. That way I can't be caught in the same embarrassing style for more than a couple of incriminating pictures in a row.

Every once in a while, I like to do a big-time hair change-up for the travel adventure alone. When I'm speaking somewhere and I'm picked up at an airport by people I've never met, I have to admit it's sort of fun to watch them holding a sign with my name for a few minutes before I confess I'm the one they're looking for. The people generally will look at some publicity photo they have of me, then they'll look at me. Pause. Look at the photo. Back at me. Pause. Then they'll move on to try to find someone who looks more like me than I do.

Yeah, like I would ever have a photo that actually looks like me. It's not just the hair. Authors and speakers are required to have a publicity photo. Pastors' wives are ...