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At the 2002 Southern Baptist Convention messengers passed a resolution ON THE SEXUAL INTEGRITY OF MINISTERS. In it they called for building and maintaining "relationships and practices of integrity and fidelity to God and others," and for "our spiritual leaders to hold one another accountable to the highest standards of Christian moral practice." In the following chapter from Beneath the Surface: Steering Clear of the Dangers That Could Leave You Shipwrecked, Bob Reccord examines the differences between how Joseph and David handled sexual temptation.

Two men. One stood tall. The other fell flat.

Why? The answer to that question helps us to understand ourselves and learn from God's examples.

When you take time to study Joseph's life, one thing becomes clear. Joseph understood his own weaknesses. And that's because he knew himself well. He was realistic, and that's the first line of defense agai...

My friend, Perry, is addicted to jigsaw puzzles. He loves to get with friends and have races in putting together these challenges to anybody's sanity! The bigger and more complicated the puzzle, the better. He scours stores to find puzzles on sale and buys them by the truck load. Recently, one of his puzzle-solving friends came up with a new twist. He arrived with a bag full of puzzle pieces and dumped them on the table. The challenge was that he didn't bring the box top with the picture of the completed puzzle. Therefore, they had no idea what the ultimate goal would look like. They had to put together the puzzle without knowing what the end would resemble. After innumerable hours, they finally got a border together, but by that time were so frustrated they walked off and never returned to the task at hand. When there is no "big picture" the process becomes unworkable.

As the Southern Baptist C...