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The disciples could scarcely believe their eyes. While they and Jesus were enjoying supper at the house of Simon the leper (evidently Simon's expression of gratitude to Jesus for healing him of his leprosy), a woman came to Jesus, broke open a box of very costly oil, and poured it upon His head.

Filled with indignation, they pounced on the poor woman. "Why this waste?" they sternly asked. This was foolish, extravagant, and senseless. No, it was worse than that. It was a morally despicable act. Yes, that's what it was! The poor could have certainly used the money that would have been realized had the ointment been sold. What the woman had done, therefore, was tantamount to taking food out of the mouth of the poor. A callous act!

This outburst represented an aberration for the disciples. They certainly didn't believe that anything done for Jesus is a waste. But there are those who so believe. What was a momentary glitch for the disciples is a settled ment...