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The SBC Cooperative Program Allocation Budget is totally dependent on the support of two sets of Baptist bodies.
Undesignated giving was one of only three categories of the Annual Church Profile that showed an increase in the most recent reporting year.
God continues to work mightily in people’s lives regardless of the surrounding society’s sinful setting.
The size of “our big” is determined by the fruitfulness of “our small,” according to Mark Tolbert, vice chairman of the Bivocational and Smaller Church Advisory Council.
The Multi-Ethnic Advisory Council received six reports and engaged in conversation about common ministry needs among the ethnic and racial groups represented by council members at its March 10–11 meeting in Atlanta.
Presenting the Gospel and ministering to displaced persons, immigrants, and other downtrodden peoples, both internationally and in the United States, has been a significant piece of this evangelistic passion in the seven decades since World War II.
Drawing his lesson from the purification of Jesus recorded in Luke 2, Miglioratti pointed to two individuals in Scripture who serve as prayer guides for twenty-first century believers—Anna and Simeon.
Speaking from Jesus’s parable of the invitation to the great banquet (Luke 14), Gordon Fort noted that the guests who declined the invitation didn’t respect those who invited them, didn’t think they would miss out on anything, and didn’t realize the invitation was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a “kairos” invitation.
Leading the church to do ministry outside the church’s four walls has been Frank S. Page’s passion since his conversion to faith in Jesus Christ.
Highlights from the 2015 SBC Book of Reports
Have you ever wondered if there is a single place you can go to find out what your church’s Cooperative Program gifts have accomplished through the SBC missions and ministries you believe in and support?