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Editor's Note: Ronnie Hill has a powerful testimony and SBC LIFE recently asked him to share it with you. After reading it, you will understand why.

Sandra was a seventeen-year-old girl who was with her mom and dad on a fall vacation visiting family friends. The friends that they were visiting had an eighteen-year-old son. One evening both families decided to go down and look at the beautiful pond, but the son asked Sandra to stay back at the house. When all the family members were gone, he lured her into the utility room of their home where he raped her. Sandra did not tell anyone about this because she thought it was her fault. As a result of the rape, she became pregnant. Many people in our society would say, "You need to have an abortion! You do not need to go through th...

Someone recently asked me, "Does student evangelism even work anymore?" My answer was an emphatic, "Yes!" I see firsthand scores of students coming to Christ on a weekly basis. All over the country, and the world for that matter, the gospel is just as relevant today to students as it was years ago. Students are searching for something that is real and fulfilling in their lives. I was dialoging with a student who claimed to be an atheist. Rather than argue with him, I simply asked, "Is it working for you?" He responded, "No, I am looking for the truth!"

If so many students are looking for the truth, you might wonder, why are there not more students being saved and packing out youth groups across the country? Traveling as a full-time evangelist for the last fifteen years, I have been in all types and sizes of churches. I have seen ministries all over the country that are reaching students, but even more that are not. There are three things tha...