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Despite the nation's financial upheaval, "the generosity of countless numbers of men and women in the pews of our churches" is evident, leaders of the SBC's eleven entities and its women's auxiliary noted in an open letter to Southern Baptists released February 16.

Difficult circumstances often are "the platform on which God demonstrates His supernatural activity," the Baptist leaders noted. "What appears to many as a dark day may be the brightest day we have ever seen for reaching this generation for Christ."

The open letter was read by SBC Executive Committee President Morris H. Chapman during the opening session of the EC's February 16-17 meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Released through the Great Commission Council, which consists of SBC entity presidents and Woman's Missionary Union executive director, the letter also was signed by Atlanta-area pastor Johnny Hunt, president of the Southern Baptist Convention, and Randall L. James of Florida, chairman of the SBC Executive Committee.

The letter was drafted at a time when Cooperative Program giving is 0.81 percent ahead of the 2008 ye...

Captivated by the Cross
by Morris H. Chapman

As much as I love Christmas, it is Easter that most thrills my soul. The message of Easter — the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus — remains the central event in human history. My heart is held captive by the hope and the deliverance of the empty tomb. The early believers often greeted one another with the salutation, "Jesus is risen." The response was an affirmation of shared faith, "He is risen indeed."

I am equally captivated by the cross. Without the cross, there is no redemption. Without the cross, there is no lasting peace. Without the cross, there is no reservoir of joy. The cross rema...

The Christmas Purpose
by Frank Page

What is Christmas? Dr. Robert G. Lee said, "Christmas is the joyous celebration of eternity's intersection with time." The apostle Paul said in Galatians 4:4: But when the completion of the time came, God sent His Son, born of a woman, born under the law.

Why do people refuse what Christmas offers? I read of an incident which no doubt occurs regularly. A sorrowful wife stood just outside a psychiatric ward in a large hospital. Her husband, a patient in the hospital, was with her. He looked vacantly into space as she pleaded, "John, here's a Christmas present for you. Take it, John, and look at it." John made no move. Again the...