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Go. Stand. Speak.
Program schedule for the 2018 SBC Annual Meeting.
All event listings are accurate according to the Executive Committee’s information at press time and are subject to change. Please refer to the “SBC Annual Meetings” app for updates and to plan your schedule.
Attendees to the Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting can stay up to date with our mobile app, which includes more than a dozen features, including schedules, maps, alerts, speakers, newsfeeds, the Book of Reports, the SBC Bulletin, and much more.
Acts for the SBC Ad Interim to Allocate CP Overage
Southern Baptists’ Cooperative Program gifts will help survivors of a succession of hurricanes that wreaked havoc on Texas, Louisiana, the Caribbean, and Florida, coupled with wildfires that have ravaged large swaths of the western United States.
Disaster Relief teams from many states have responded or are ready to respond to hurricanes and wildfires throughout the US.
Photos from the Young Leaders Advisory Council’s second meeting August 17–18, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia.
During the month of January, set aside at least one hour for focused prayer using the 10-20-30 prayer model.
Information on the Cooperative Program income and distribution for the 2016-17 fiscal year.
Frank S. Page answers questions related to recommendations from the Executive Committee about the potential future sale of the SBC Building in Nashville.