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SBC president Steve Gaines answered questions from Baptist Press regarding this year’s annual meeting and lessons and rewarding moments he’s encountered during the past two years.
Searching for the Isolated Peoples of the Amazon Basin

Weary travelers stand alongside a river somewhere in South America's Amazon Basin.

After three hours of trying to maneuver upstream by motorboat to a remote village, a group of International Mission Board missionaries grudgingly accepts the realization that the journey for that day has ended. Shallow waters, exposed rocks, tree limbs, and a rough current that nearly capsized the boat won't allow the group to go any farther.

Score a victory for the Amazon.

Thousands of miles of dense jungle create a daunting "wall" for those wanting to take the Gospel to this area. For some of the people groups in remote areas, their only hope to hear about Jesus is through faithful Christians praying the Gospel message will reach them.

"A lot of people don't realize how big the Amazon Basin and the jungle really is," says Terry*, an IMB missionary who leads work among indigenous peoples in portions of South America.

"It co...

Southern Baptist missionaries David and Tami Wood rumble down a deserted dirt road somewhere in the southwestern corner of Burkina Faso. All they can see from their truck are hills and high grass.

With a map and Global Positioning System (GPS) device in hand, they're searching for the Senufo people group. Right now, any signs of life would be good. In this part of West Africa, a good sense of direction and four-wheel drive take them only so far.

But with a different language and culture around nearly every mud hut, there is one thing that links most of the people they encounter — a need for faith in Jesus Christ.

"Some groups live every day in fear of spirits and forces that are beyond their control," says David Wood, who has served with his wife in West Africa for more t...