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A Sign of Caregiver Burnout

Being a caregiver himself, Barney Self, a licensed family and marriage therapist and LeaderCare counselor for LifeWay Christian Resources, knows the causes and symptoms of a malady he calls "compassion fatigue."

Generally, it is caused when one has become so involved in providing care to others that they become emotionally and spiritually exhausted, he said.

"A caregiver is always at risk of compassion fatigue," he said. "For everybody who does caregiving, there is a threat of burning out. Our only protection is our willingness to be honest with ourselves about what our level of health is."

Self, who maintains a private counseling practice, said one way he handles potential burn-out is by refusing to counsel people on Fridays or weekends, unless it is a dire emergency.

"If I get a call on the help line and someone says they have a problem, but it can wait until Monday, then I usually don't call them until Monday....

On Mission With M-Fuge International

Despite the sweat, grime, and heat they encountered while doing mission work in Guadalajara, about seventy teens from four U.S. states left Mexico feeling blessed and just a little guilty about the extravagances they enjoy in the United States.

"It's like a blessing to me to be helping them," said George Ferguson, a teen from Anderson Mill Road Baptist Church, Spartanburg, S.C. "I could have gone to the beach this week, but I chose to come here. It's rewarding to know that instead of doing what could have been more fun, I came and did what is actually going to do a lot more for me in the long run."

Co-sponsored by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention and the SBC International Mission Board, M-Fuge International is a weeklong camp for youth, grades 10 through college. M-Fuge International events were held this summer in Wales, Venezuela, England, France, and Mexico. Next year they will be held in five cities in Wales, ...

Churches that take the Great Commission seriously had better start reaching out to people with purple hair and nose rings, according to Alvin Reid, associate professor of evangelism at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, N.C.

"We tend to look at our churches as hotels for saints, not hospitals for sinners, and consequently we are not reaching the radically unchurched culture," Reid said during an evangelism seminar at the National Conference for Church Leadership in August at Ridgecrest (N.C.), a LifeWay Conference Center.

Reid defined the radically unchurched as Americans who "have no clear personal understanding of the message of the gospel and who have had little or no contact with a Bible-teaching, Christ-honoring church."

In other words, he said, many of the 41 percent of the American population considered radically unchurched have never set foot inside a church - not for weddings, not for funerals, not for Christmas or Easter.

The Covenant Marriage Movement

LifeWay Christian Resources has joined with approximately twenty church and par-church groups to encourage married couples to stay committed for life.

A representative group of the national religious organizations, with a combined constituency of more than 30 million, publicly kicked off the Covenant Marriage Movement May 11 in New York City at the Regency Hotel. The group signed an agreement committing to help couples make their marriages stronger.

In addition to Southern Baptists, participants in the Covenant Marriage Movement include the Focus on the Family, Promise Keepers, Moody Bible Institute, and Marriage Savers.

"The focus of the Covenant Marriage Movement is to uplift the positive in marriages and challenge couples to stand in support of a lifelong commitment," said Phil Waugh, LifeWay family enrichment specialist who is co-chair of the Covenant Marriage steering team. "As a collective body of cooperating m...