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Part 2
I have been lost in the lightless caverns of depression and suffocated by unreasonable fears. But, God has been ever faithful, giving me grace to step forward when it was too dark to see. He will do the same for you!
Part 1
Depression is an invisible sickness. It cannot be seen. A broken leg is obvious. But a broken soul—is there such a thing?
May God grant each of us eyes to see and minds to grasp the sure salvation offered us in Christ!
The present article is an attempt to represent the nature of the Mental Health Advisory Group's work and the hope generated among the members because of their work.

My childhood pastor made a double impact on me. Though I was young, I remember his compelling manner in the pulpit. He kept my attention and intently raised my interest in the Gospel.

There came a time, however, when I noticed things had changed. My parents stopped taking me to church business meetings. Before long, Pastor James (not his real name) was no longer our pastor.

Some months later I was walking across the church parking lot with a friend. He told me Pastor James had left his family and run off with another woman. Recalling his influence on my young life, I did not believe him. When we got in the car to leave church that night I asked my parents if what my friend said was true. It was. I was stunned. I could not imagine how a “man of God” could fall into such sin.

Since then I have seen many good men stumble and fall. Why? Can we know?

As a pastor for more than thirty years, I now understand more about life, ministry, and the pitfalls that await any follower of Christ; but especially those that imperil the pastor. The mos...