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"They will not tell me what I can or can't preach."

It is an almost unbelievable circumstanc e to consider that "they" in this forceful statement is in regard to the United States Navy.

Yet Lt. Commander Philip Veitch, a chaplain in service to his God and country, faced a court-martial after leading the troops in his care in a Scripture-based sermon on the sufficiency of Jesus Christ.

"Christ is alone sufficient as our mediator," said Veitch. "We don't turn to ministers, we don't turn to priests, ministers ordained or unordained. No one compares to Christ in His sovereign competence of what He did for us at Calvary."

Veitch, in the Dec. 3 broadcast of his interview with CBN News, shared a remarkable story.

While stationed in Naples, Italy, the sermon based on Matthew 16 led him to be labeled "anti-priest," "di...

An Unborn Child - and His Mother - Saved Through Adoption

With trembling hands Sandra* dialed the number of the Pregnancy Care Center in Cobb County, Ga. Afraid she might lose her nerve, she rushed into her incredible story.

The twenty-year-old former college student feared she was pregnant. With a new life beginning inside her, Sandra began to reevaluate her life - and her lifestyle.

The child of devoted Christian parents, she reveled in the independence an out-of-state college in a metropolitan city offered. But Sandra possessed a fierce streak of pride. When money ran out, she made a tragic choice. Instead of turning to her parents, she turned to the nightlife of Atlanta - and prostitution - to fill the void.

Beth Stedman happened to be the counselor on the other end of the phone that day. She scheduled an appointment for Sandra and hung up the phone shaking her head.

"I can't do this," she said to a fellow volunteer. "I'm just not prepared."

Stedman had been working as...