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As a member of Girls in Action, her view of the world soared far beyond the community where she lived. She dreamed of one day serving God in North Africa. Years later, as a physician, she delivered not only physical healing but also spiritual healing by teaching people about God's love.

When he went to RA (Royal Ambassadors) camp, he met his first missionary and heard God's call to missions service. Now he lives in a place where to even tell of his presence might bring harm to his family.

When they decided on early retirement from their secular jobs, this couple knew God had a place for them to serve where their life skills could be used to help others come to faith in Christ. Working in South America with a people group in need of job training, they find it easy to share their work skills as they tell people about the carpenter who gave His life on the cross for them.

The one thing all these people have in common is that at some point in their lives, the...

Gordon Fort, vice president for overseas operations of the International Mission Board, presented to WMU the following original handwritten letter on June 10, 2007. It was penned by Lottie Moon on January 9, 1889, during a very cold winter in P'ingtu, China:

My dear Miss Armstrong,

I write to thank the Executive Committee for the hearty response they have made to my appeal for more workers for P'ingtu. I urge that the new missionaries be sent out immediately. I am holding on, after more than eleven years of work, at considerable risk of permanent injury to health. Yet I must not leave until others are here to take over the work. After the new missionaries arrive, there must be preparation on their part & delay on mine. Therefore, the sooner they come, the better. Please listen to no suggestion of delay. The two should be in Tungchow in June at the latest. Then they could come out with me in the autumn to P'ingtu & make acquaintance with their...

In the fourth chapter of Matthew, we read the words of Jesus to His first disciples: "Come, follow me."

It is an invitation that has been extended throughout the centuries since He first approached a small group of fishermen standing by the Sea of Galilee. Countless numbers of people have responded to Jesus since that day, committing their lives to follow Him wherever He calls them to serve. Their stories inspire and challenge each one of us to respond as well by giving of ourselves, our time, and our resources so the nations of the world may come to know His wonderful name.

Missionaries Keith and Penny Stamps are an example of a couple who heard God's call and followed despite numerous challenges. Their story is unique, yet representative of so many serving across our world today. Growin...

Do you believe that praying for missionaries makes a difference? That they covet your prayers for their protection and strength? That praying for the people missionaries are trying to reach helps prepare hearts to receive the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ?

Time and time again, missionaries express their appreciation for the invaluable prayer support from members of WMU as they share the incredible ways God is at work in our world.

Praying for our missionaries and giving our resources to aid in the work of overseas missions is at the heart of who we are in WMU. While it is a daily activity for most of our members, once a year we seek to draw the attention of our entire congregation to focus on international missions. We call this the Week of Prayer for International Missions and the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions.

WMU's commitment to overseas missions began with their love for Lottie Moon, who served a...