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Take a good look at Jacob Barker Hall. Whether in person or by photo it's hard not to see his bright eyes and engaging smile and not know the joy and the zest that define this nine-year-old's life. His speech and his physical awkwardness give glimpses of his Down Syndrome, but any signs of motor or mental difficulty are overshadowed by the special person he is as a child of God.

Jacob is a great name for my youngest son. Roughly translated into "supplanter," a more practical definition for his personality would be "steals the show," but not in a bad way. He showers others with love and encouragement, likely to say "good job" loudly to the choir or the pastor (along with a visible "thumbs up") — without concern for when he says it during the service (I final...

"Just keep them. They're not worth much anyway." It's a common exchange I see when I stop at the gas station for a soda, or when I stand in line at a restaurant to pay the bill. People just don't value the penny anymore. Some give them away, a few even throw them in the trash rather than carry the coins in a pocket or purse.

There's even been a move in recent years to get rid of pennies altogether. In 2002 and again in 2006, a bill was introduced in Congress to stop production of the one-cent piece, which is viewed at least by the bill's sponsor as having no practical value and costing the government billions to mint. The initiative would have forced rounding prices up to the next five cent value, and I can imagine if such legislation ever passes, it will start a creep toward ro...