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Promoting Inclusion, Partnering in Ministries
At the same time Birmingham Metro Baptist Association has been developing racial inclusion, it’s been expanding the ministries of the 126 churches under its fellowship umbrella.
Mike Carlisle, director of missions for San Diego (California) Southern Baptist Association, noted that “the association is the closest organization to the local church in Southern Baptist life.”
Inland Empire Baptist Association in Southern California has forged a new path in the concept of Southern Baptist partnerships. Ministry, encouragement, and inspiration flow in both directions when Southern Baptists cooperate.
With a few exceptions, annual baptisms reported by Kentucky Baptist churches have been in decline since at least 1980. In that year, Kentucky Baptist churches reported 20,457 baptisms.
At Refuge, immigrants and refugees find a caring community of Christians who help to welcome them into life in the United States.
Reports from recent meetings of associational groups SBCAL, AIM, and NOBA.
“Flexible” and “fluid” are key words as we step into the future, Donnie Simpson told associational directors of missions in megacities.
The seminar introduced tools and strategies that churches and individuals can use to more intentionally reach their international neighbors.
From its humble beginnings of three churches, the association, which may be Southern Baptists’ first affinity-based association, now includes seventy churches in ten North Carolina counties and two neighboring states.
For many pastors, the association serves as the primary support system for their work and ministry.