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Highlights from the 2015 SBC Book of Reports
Have you ever wondered if there is a single place you can go to find out what your church’s Cooperative Program gifts have accomplished through the SBC missions and ministries you believe in and support?
Despite Five-Year Declines in Per Capita Giving, Church Membership
Despite a five-year decline in church membership and a corresponding decrease in per capita giving, the national portion of CP shows signs of rebounding through the first four months of fiscal 2014–2015.
Twenty-three state Baptist conventions have increased the portion of Cooperative Program receipts forwarded to Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries in moving toward the goal of a 50/50 allocation between state convention causes and SBC causes, continuing an upward trend spanning several years.
Southern Baptist pastors are strongly supportive of the Convention’s Cooperative Program, according to a study commissioned by the SBC Executive Committee last spring.
Simply put, the 1% CP Challenge has the potential to be the rising tide that raises all the SBC ministry boats our cooperating churches support.