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Pastor James Merritt writes about integrity as the foundation of character.
Agape House is one of thousands of pro-life organizations throughout the country on the front lines of elevating the sanctity of human life.
Standing, speaking, leading, nurturing, and guiding God’s flock among you while addressing the confused and conflicted culture around you requires great discernment, fervent prayer, and deep conviction.
God continues to work mightily in people’s lives regardless of the surrounding society’s sinful setting.
As we approach the ballot box in our individual voting precincts this November, let each of us render unto God the loyal obedience He is due. But let us also render unto Caesar the elective influence God has graciously granted to us at this strategic juncture in history.
In modern Western cultures one of the most soul-destroying habits is consumption of pornography, which leads us to commit adultery in our hearts.
Sadly, the “porn problem” is rapidly escalating among teenagers.
"ERLC and Evangelicals for Life" by Russell Moore; "A Christian’s Response to the Planned Parenthood Videos" by Samuel James.
Scripture affirms God’s creation and love of the not-yet-born.
The US Supreme Court transformed the legal definition of marriage in its June 26 Obergefell v. Hodges decision legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide.