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Searching for the Lord first, foremost, passionately, and continually brings joy into all other searches.
Can one person really make a difference? Can one person—you—be used by God to impact the world for Christ? Yes, you! Has God been tugging at your heart? What might He want to do in and through you?
I’m convinced that to move on, we have to give up. We have to give up a lot of things that we love, that we cling to, that we rely on. If we don’t, we’ll never make it.

For the Pastor's Wife: Do You Believe?

So often in ministry, we can become weary. I remember a particularly difficult time when the Lord spoke clearly to the weariness of my heart. It was one of those times we will all experience if we are in ministry long enough. The days were so dark and the nights so long, that I once described it as feeling like I was trapped in a Frank Peretti spiritual warfare novel and I couldn’t get out. As I clung to the Lord and His Word, He spoke so clearly to me that my job was to simply believe and trust Him. I didn’t have to “succeed” in ministry; I just had to believe.

If we are communing with the Lord and fulfilling His plan, we may be weary “in” the ministry but we will not become weary “of” the ministry. How do we rise above ministry fatigue and disillusionment to press on to the work of our calling? We look to Jesus. The demands of His ministry were 24/7, but they did not drain Him.

Once, over...

Our Strength

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“Write something for pastors’ wives,” she said. “Make it funny,” she said. Funny things do happen. Most often they are at our own expense. If we don’t learn to laugh at ourselves and some of the situations in which we find ourselves, we will never survive. As ministers’ wives, much of the time we are called upon to minister to people in the midst of crisis. It is during times of tears and not laughter. What keeps you going when the going is toughest? Where do you find the wisdom and strength to meet the demands of ministry in our fallen world?

Most of us did not attend seminary. Many of us worked full time while our husbands went to school and worked part time. Although our seminaries offer excellent classes to help prepare seminary wives for their upcoming position, a class can never train us in all the varied roles churches anticipate we will fill. Nor can they fully prepare us for the diffic...

Turning our eyes toward God and off of others brings us a fresh assurance of His presence and eternal graces toward those who trust Him and seek to live in His sanctuary.
What seemed like a typical gathering of women at an Atlanta airport hotel one Friday morning in August took a delightful twist!
As I’ve walked the journey of being a minister’s wife, I have come to appreciate and understand the value of friendship among our sisterhood of minister’s wives.
Rather than focusing on my personal disappointment, I asked the Lord to show me how I could be an encouragement to others.
We have power available to accomplish everything worthy of accomplishing—all through the power of the Spirit of God.