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Discipleship can be formal or informal, but the goal is always to influence and lead others toward deeper obedience and love for Christ.
People today seem to value being honest and authentic above all else. I am concerned, however, about unintended consequences.
Let’s talk about a touchy issue on which people demonstrate dramatic excesses. Some obsess and fixate on this topic, while others ignore and reject it entirely.
I have come to believe there are things J. D. and I practice that help us love what we do.
Searching for the Lord first, foremost, passionately, and continually brings joy into all other searches.
Can one person really make a difference? Can one person—you—be used by God to impact the world for Christ? Yes, you! Has God been tugging at your heart? What might He want to do in and through you?
I’m convinced that to move on, we have to give up. We have to give up a lot of things that we love, that we cling to, that we rely on. If we don’t, we’ll never make it.
Since believing is the work God has called us to, how well are we doing our job?
Dear pastor’s wife, our only hope and our greatest pleasure comes from spending time with Jesus, allowing His words to become our joy and the delight of our hearts.
Turning our eyes toward God and off of others brings us a fresh assurance of His presence and eternal graces toward those who trust Him and seek to live in His sanctuary.