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We have power available to accomplish everything worthy of accomplishing—all through the power of the Spirit of God.
Let’s see if we can learn a spiritual lesson from a personal garment.
It’s only by His grace that we’re able to take the high road and rise above an irritation.
I believe the benefits of being a minister’s wife in the local church far outweigh the negatives.
Please, God, tell us . . . Are we really doing anything of significance?
Every so often, I stand in front of my wedding vows, hanging framed on the wall. Just as when I wrote the words, my heart stops on one line.
If Jesus is on our minds, He will find a way out of our mouths.
The spiritual giant is the one who loves Jesus all the way to the altar of sacrifice.
Psalm 23

Revival and restoration will begin when we lean on the Everlasting Arms. Most of us ministry leaders, if not all of us, are exhausted from providing our finite arms to hold up the flock. Destruction, devastation, and disasters are all around. The load of ministry responsibility is getting heavy. We are sacrificed beyond our means.

With strategies, gimmicks, and games as their focus, ministry leaders have neglected to disciple the flock to withstand this level of warfare. Yes, this is warfare, greater than anything we could have imagined. We invariably arrive at a place called Wit’s End. It is at this dark place, Wit’s End, where the Lord Jesus starts His greatest works.

There is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). We know that times past were darker than the ones we’re living in today—consider the plights of Abraham, Noah, Lot, Joseph, Esther, Peter, James, and John.