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Calling on the Southern Baptist PrayerLink team to “fan into flame a passionate pursuit of God in prayer,” Chris Schofield opened the winter leadership team meeting as the group’s first executive director.
“When man works, man works. But when man prays, God works,” David Choi, pastor of Church of the Beloved in Chicago, told participants during a prayer gathering at Broadview Missionary Baptist Church in the Chicago suburbs.
During the month of January, set aside at least one hour for focused prayer using the 10-20-30 prayer model.
Pray4EveryHome’s technology allows church members to better understand their community and even pray by name for neighbors they have yet to meet.
Drawing his lesson from the purification of Jesus recorded in Luke 2, Miglioratti pointed to two individuals in Scripture who serve as prayer guides for twenty-first century believers—Anna and Simeon.
Speaking from Jesus’s parable of the invitation to the great banquet (Luke 14), Gordon Fort noted that the guests who declined the invitation didn’t respect those who invited them, didn’t think they would miss out on anything, and didn’t realize the invitation was a once in a lifetime opportunity, a “kairos” invitation.
Yes, these men turned the world upside down. And it all began in a prayer meeting under a haystack.
College students are not the future of our church; they are the church. Take some time today to love, invest in, and pray for the college students in your life.
Talking to God About Others: Talking to Others About God
Many followers of Christ experience an “opportunity gap” when it comes to sharing their faith—the disconnect that takes place between “speaking to God about men and speaking to men about God.”
Asking the question, “To whom do we pray?,” Mark Edlund opened the annual PrayerLink meeting in Denver by challenging participants to cultivate intimacy with God.