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Sixth Avenue Baptist Church, the largest black church in Birmingham, is known for its historic and contemporary influence in the greater Birmingham area.

"I am pleased to announce this outstanding group of Southern Baptists."

The Convention Advancement Advisory Council (CAAC) heard from SBC President J. D. Greear and WMU Executive Director-Treasurer Sandy Wisdom-Martin during its March 7–8 meeting in Atlanta, Georgia.

The CAAC welcomed five new members, reviewed the group’s database dashboard, prayed for the presidential search committees of five SBC entities, and set 2019 goals and action plans during its August 2–3 meeting in Atlanta.

Members of the Executive Committee CAAC, joined by leaders of more than a dozen ethnic minority fellowships of Southern Baptist churches, presented a preliminary draft of The Many Faces of the Southern Baptist Convention.

The SBC Executive Committee has named a permanent advisory group to continue to equip, inform, and empower all Southern Baptists for the spread of the Gospel.

The Gate and its church plants are designed to reach those who have grown up in the hip-hop culture with the power of the Gospel to transform lives.

Racism is from Satan and his demonic forces, and the only hope for its defeat is the church of Jesus Christ united across societal divisions, Southern Baptist Convention President Ronnie Floyd told a culturally diverse group of Baptists in Mississippi November 4.

Kingdom Life Church in Lansing, Michigan, gathers blacks and whites into one united congregation and exemplifies not only what can be done in race relations but also how it can be done.

Celebrating that the number of African American congregations has almost doubled since 1998, members of the AAAC held its final meeting and presented its final report.

Ethnic and racial tensions still exist in the Southern Baptist Convention but can heal through transparency, honesty, and divine intervention.

When First Baptist Church in Oxford, Mississippi, passed a resolution apologizing for its 1968 decision to exclude African Americans from worship services, it opened the door for racial reconciliation in its city.

On September 15, 1963, a bomb exploded at Birmingham, Alabama's Sixteenth Street Baptist Church, killing four girls ages eleven to fourteen. Fifty years later, Southern Baptist leaders who remember the bombing say God used it to help inspire racial reconciliation even though the attackers intended only harm.

Ken Weathersby, vice president for Convention advancement with the SBC Executive Committee, continues a collaborative partnership begun in 2011 between the North American Mission Board and the Executive Committee to reach all Americans with the Gospel.

In one of the most historic meetings in the Southern Baptist Convention’s 167-year history, messengers meeting June 19-20 elected the body’s first African American president.

Fred Luter’s election as SBC president illustrated the wisdom of a 2011 Executive Committee recommendation adopted by the Convention that “workers and leaders from all ethnic backgrounds . . . involve themselves to the highest level possible in associational life and through state convention ministries” so that “leadership in the Convention will naturally follow.”

Mesquite Friendship Baptist Church has emphasized biblical stewardship in an effort to encourage all members to experience God’s blessings upon obedience.

Encouraging stronger churches to partner with declining churches and developing effective mentoring strategies to groom future missionaries, state convention leaders, and denominational employees were among the topics discussed at the first meeting of the African American Advisory Council.

Central Baptist Church has been a vital component of its neighborhood since its founding in 1950. And its impact for God's Kingdom has proven immeasurable.

A newly formed African American Advisory Council will help communicate the perspectives of black churches and their leaders to Southern Baptist Convention entity leaders.