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June 2000 Issue

Celebrating 75 Years of Cooperative Program Missions

The June 2000 meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando officially marks the 75th anniversary of the Cooperative Program (CP). Partners in the Harvest is the theme for the celebration that made its debut last June in Atlanta.

Adopted May 13, 1925 in Memphis, the Cooperative Program has been the giving plan that has successfully and efficiently under-girded the missions efforts of Southern Baptist state conventions and fellowships as well the SBC's national and international missions endeavors. Almost 73 percent of national CP funds are directed to world missions causes through the International Missions Board (IMB) and the North American Missions Board (NAMB).

Every state convention as well as every national entity is participating in this celebration which has as its goals:

One million baptisms this year;

Record volunteer missions involvement;

$750 million in CP and othe...

The History of the Cooperative Program

It was muggy day in Memphis, Tennessee and that made conditions a bit unbearable inside the city's brand new convention hall-packed with 5,600 messengers to the annual meeting of the Southern Baptist Convention.

And the oppressive humidity added to an SBC meeting already rife with debate. The issue of the day was evolution and Baptists had brought the national fight with them to the Convention. And while the debate was subdued, a few messengers were edgy and short-tempered about it.

But the bigger issue at the 1925 Convention was a report brought by E.Y. Mullins, whose committee presented its first draft of the Baptist Faith and Message.

There was another issue that was discussed at the 1925 Convention and even though it did not elicit much debate, its approval would revolutionize the Southern Baptist Convention-the Cooperative Program.

The adoption of the Cooperative Program came on the afternoon of May 13 an...

They call Chicago "the windy city," a moniker drawn from the constant breezes blasting off Lake Michigan. But this year Southern Baptists and other evangelicals are praying a fresh breeze of Spirit-led revival will make its presence known with just as much intensity.

Chicago is one of two cities receiving special attention from Southern Baptists nationally this year through a North American Mission Board-coordinated effort known as Strategic Focus Cities. Beginning this year in Chicago and Phoenix, the mission is to impact two major cities each year with the gospel of Jesus Christ as never before.

Activities are planned throughout the year in the four Southern Baptist associations and 276 churches that make up what locals refer to as Chicagoland - training conferences, block parties, prayer journey, revival meetings, area wide-crusades, even two evangelistic circuses planned for two locations in June. And to help new Christians gro...

Seminary Luncheons

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary will host alumni and friends for the seminary's annual luncheon Wednesday, June 14, following the morning session of the Southern Baptist Convention in Orlando, Fla.

Tickets for the GGBTS luncheon are $15 per person. For ticket informaion, stop by the Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary booth in the SBC Exhibit Hall.

Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

Alumni and friends of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary will gather at noon on Wednesday, June 14, in Room 305 of Level 3 of the Orange County Convention Center for the annual alumni luncheon and an update on the seminary.

Tickets for the MBTS luncheon are $17 person. For ticket information, stop by the Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminar...

June 14, 2000

The 1999 session of the Southern Baptist Convention, meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, adopted the following motion addressed to the President of the Convention:

"I move that in your capacity as Southern Baptist Convention chairman, you appoint a blue ribbon committee to review the Baptist Faith and Message statement with the responsibility to report and bring any recommendations to this meeting next June in Orlando."

President Paige Patterson appointed the committee as follows: Max Barnett (OK), Steve Gaines (AL), Susie Hawkins (TX), Rudy A. Hernandez (TX), Charles S. Kelley, Jr. (LA), Heather King (IN), Richard D. Land (TN), Fred Luter (LA), R. Albert Mohler, Jr. (KY), T. C. Pinckney (VA), Nelson Price (GA), Adrian Rogers (TN), Roger Spradlin (CA), Simon Tsoi (AZ), Jerry Vines (FL). Adrian Rogers (TN) was appointed chairman.

Your committee thus constituted begs leave to present its report as follows:

Baptists are a people of deep beliefs and cherished doctrines. Throughout our history we have been a confessional people, adopting statements of faith as a witness to our beliefs ...

Freaks are souls in search of image. At conversion, Christ gives a mirror for a look at our new selves.

Myron/Myra, the gender freak, was confused about who he/she was. All the others in the freak show were also confused about themselves. Iva Gillette, the bearded lady, admitted, from the very day she joined the circus, that she had been unable to see herself as anything other than a freak. The word freak bothered Myron/Myra as much as it did Iva Gillette. Philip-Fido, the dog-faced boy, agreed. So did Thumbelina and the Fat Man.

The whole crew had been drawn into a common need for each other by terrible, low self-esteem and the fact that they had sold themselves to be the slaves of a tyrannical owner. They were the ugly and the damned, making a life out of being too fat or too little or too deformed. They had all endured years of being gawked at, laughed at, ogled, and despised.

None of them will ever forget the Thurs...

Sodom and Gomorrah Discovered?

A Bible scholar believes he has found the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah. Michael Sanders and an international team of researchers discovered what appear to be the salt-encrusted remains of ancient settlements on the bottom of the Dead Sea during several weeks of diving in a mini submarine. Sanders says that the finding must be explored further, but the evidence suggests these remains may be Sodom and Gomorrah.

The Bible says that God destroyed the cities because of their incredible sinfulness. Genesis says that "the Lord rained upon Sodom and upon Gomorrah brimstone and fire out of heaven. And he overthrew those cities, and all the plain, and all the inhabitants of the cities, and that which grew upon the ground." A growing number of experts including Sanders believe that "the cities of the plain" were destroyed by an earthquake, which threw up flaming pitch, about 5,000 ye...

Have you ever called someone a "snob" or "unfriendly" when they didn't speak to you and later found out that they had just received some news of a tragedy? They weren't being a jerk, they were just in shock. We don't know where people start, but we have a plan where people ought to be. We don't know their motives or their background, so we make a judgment and get into trouble.

Like the old man who took his ugly dog for his regular Sunday walk in the park. The little old man sat on the park bench while his dog played at his feet. They weren't bothering anyone. Soon another man appeared with his dog. Both the man and his dog had a mean, bulldog-type look on their faces. They were looking for a fight. The man and his bulldog began taunting the little old man and his ugly dog. The younger man commanded his dog, "Spike!" and pointed in the ugly dog's direction. The little old man calmly addressed the aggres...