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May 2000 Issue

Southern Baptists are being asked to help their counterparts in Orlando, Fla., this June with "Through Every Door" - an unprecedented effort to reach every home in the metropolitan Orlando area with the good news of Jesus Christ.

The door-to-door campaign of presenting the gospel of Jesus Christ will be just one of the opportunities for volunteers willing to share their faith during the June 8-15 Crossover Orlando, held before and during the June 13-14 Southern Baptist Convention annual meeting in Orlando. Crossover is held each year as a way of helping Southern Baptists make a lasting impact on their convention host city.

"Across America there is an unprecedented openness to talk about spiritual matters. We want to capitalize on that interest and carry the gospel of Jesus Christ to the streets of Orlando," said Don Smith, an event evangelism associate for the North American Mission Board and chairman of the Crossover...

Day of Prayer and Fasting for India's Hindus

In early June, Southern Baptists will pray and fast for twenty-four hours on behalf of the 850 million Hindus of India.

From 6 p.m. Friday, June 9, to 6 p.m. Saturday, June 10, Christian believers will ask God to reveal His love and redemption to hundreds of millions of Indians who have never heard such good news.

The 14th annual Day of Prayer and Fasting for World Evangelization shows Southern Baptists want all the world's peoples to hear about salvation in Jesus Christ, said Jerry Rankin, president of the Southern Baptist International Mission Board.

"We are so grateful for Southern Baptists' love for Christ and the people of the world," he said. "Their unfailing commitment to pray for the unreached peoples of the world is the key to preparing and opening a way for the gospel to reach them."

Southern Baptists who pray for lost Hindus play an important part in getting the gospel to lost millions, said an Intern...

An Interview with Josh McDowell

Josh McDowell is a noted apologist, lecturer, author and co-author of more than sixty books, and host to his own nationally broadcast radio program. His best-selling Evidence That Demands a Verdict volumes have sold more than 8 million copies and have been translated into more than twenty-two languages. He has lectured at more than 700 university and college campuses, reaching more than 7 million students in eighty-four countries. He has recently revised and updated the Evidence volumes.

SBC LIFE How long ago did you write Evidence That Demands a Verdict, and what was your motivation?

McDowell I finished it in 1971, and I've updated it five times since. I set out to write a book against Christianity. I'd met some students and professors in the university that absolutely irritated me because they loved me so much. I asked them what changed th...

A reasonable person might well think that the phenomenal success of family-friendly network television shows and movies such as Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?, Touched By An Angel, Babe, and Toy Story would be a sign to the American entertainment industry that the people of this country are hungry for entertainment that doesn't insult their values and ridicule their morals.

In an industry that lives and dies by overnight ratings and box office sales, it would seem someone might notice the figures family-friendly shows are rolling up day after day and arrive at the conclusion that maybe people are more interested in such fare than in the cultural sewage that passes for sophisticated entertainment today.

Is anyone listening in Hollywood? Not at NBC, apparently.

In March, NBC introduced the series God, The Devil, and Bob, a dreadful piece of adolescent cartooning that depicted God as a hip, foul-mouthed beer drinker who commis...

Orlando, Florida


8:00 Inspirational Music - Celebration Choir and Orchestra, South Biscayne Baptist Church, North Port, FL, Lee Anderson, director

8:15 Congregational Praise and Worship - Scott C. White, senior minister of music and worship, First Baptist Church, Woodstock, GA

8:20 Call to Order - Paige Patterson, president, Southern Baptist Convention, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC
Registration Report and Constitution of the Convention, Lee Porter, SBC registration secretary, retired, Lawrenceville, GA

8:30 Prayer - Doyle Chauncey, executive director, Southern Baptist Conservatives of Virginia, Glen Allen, VA

8:35 Committee on Order of Business (First Report) - Jerry A. Johnson, chairman, assistant director of develop...

Pastors' Conference 2000
June 11-12, 2000
Orange County Convention Center
Orlando, Florida

Sunday, June 11, 6:00 - 9:00 p.m.
Session I, The Harvest in My Personal Life

Harvest of Praise

A Harvest Requires ...
Personal Holiness: Dr. James B. Henry, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church, Orlando, FL

Harvest of Worshipers

A Christian World View: Dr. Hayes Wicker, Senior Pastor First Baptist Church, Naples, FL

Harvest of Worshipers

Harvest of Praise

A Personal Vision: Dr. Jay H. Strack, Evangelist, Author Jay Strack Association, Orlando, FL

Prayer &...

Ted Stone's Third Walk Across America

Two cross-country walks only whetted Ted Stone's dreams for a country freed from the shackles of drug abuse.

The Durham, N.C. crusader, who has devoted the past twenty-three years to helping his countrymen find answers to this serious problem, began his third walk in Laredo, Texas on January 31. Accompanied by his young associate, Philip Barber, he met for a brief prayer breakfast with a dozen Mexican ministers before leaving Nuevo, Laredo. He then held the American flag in one hand and the Mexican banner in the other as he crossed the international bridge into the United States. The 1700-mile route will lead Stone and Barber to speaking engagements in churches, schools, civic groups, prisons, and rehab centers along the way through the heartland of the nation. While Stone walks nearly twenty-five miles a day carrying Old Glory and waving to passers-by, his mission partner busies himself with the daily duties of the walk which include public relations, contacts with the media, r...

"I have been reminded of your sincere faith, which first lived in your Grandmother Lois and your mother Eunice and, I am persuaded, now lives in you also." 2 Timothy 1:5

There is an odd romantic chain in what is often called the circle of life. All that dwells in mothers has the remarkable potential to dwell also in their children. My mother was born in October of 1900, all but a hundred years ago. Her life testifies to this circle: she had nine children, of which I was the seventh. Her children were achievers, yet not notable in any worldly sense. After her funeral in 1977, all her family gathered on the front porch of her house to have a family picture made. It was the last photo ever taken of the entire family together. I have always been grateful for that picture. In this one photo of the family of seventy-odd souls that came from her - children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and their spouses, of course - there were: a couple of doctors, a couple of scho...

The Myth of Rural Safety

A new study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University reveals an alarming rate of drug and alcohol usage in rural America. The study found that eighth-graders in rural America are 104 percent more likely than those in urban centers to use amphetamines, including methamphetamines, and 50 percent more likely to use cocaine. They are 83 percent likelier to use crack cocaine, and 34 percent likelier to smoke marijuana than eighth-graders in urban centers.

The study also found that:

• Eighth-graders in rural areas were 70 percent likelier to have gotten drunk, and 29 percent likelier to drink alcohol.

• Eighth-graders were more than twice as likely to smoke cigarettes, and nearly five times likelier to use smokeless tobacco.

• Among 10th-graders, use rates in rural areas exceeded those in large urban ...

A well-known politician, while riding on a train, produced a $5 bill and said, "I'm going to throw this five dollar bill out the window and make somebody happy." One of his ardent admirers suggested, "But sir, why don't you throw five $1 bills and make five people happy?" A member of the opposition, seated in a corner, growled, "Why don't you jump out and make everybody happy?"

The dictator of a small country, bitterly disappointed that nobody used the newly issued postage stamps bearing his portrait, demanded an explanation from his postmaster. He replied that the stamps were not sticking. Seizing a stamp, the tyrant licked it and stuck it onto an envelope. "Look!" he shouted. "It sticks perfectly!" The postmaster faltered for a moment, then sheepishly explained, "Well, sir, the truth is that the people have been spitting on the wrong side."

A fact of life is that the one who leads the pack gets arro...