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January 2003 Issue

Exposing Illegal and Predatorial Practices

An undercover investigation reveals that abortion clinic workers know what statutory rape is and the laws requiring them to report it. Yet most of the time, they say nothing.

Life was looking pretty good to JoAnne Bennett in 1999.

Her job at a Pennsylvania law firm was going well. She had two daughters, ten and thirteen, she was very proud of. And best of all, she was engaged to a man she was sure would make a great stepdad.

That September, though, Bennett got the news that would bring her tranquil world crashing down: Her fiancé had been sexually abusing her older daughter for more than a year.

It didn't seem like things could get any worse — but a few months later, they did. Her daughter told her that as a result of the abuse, she had gotten pregnant twice wi...

A recent study reveals what many have known for some time: abortion has a negative long-term psychological impact.

However, the study in the September issue of the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry also reports that these effects extend beyond the women who have an abortion. The findings indicate that women who have had abortions tend to provide their children less emotional support and their children tend to have more behavioral problems.

Richard Land, President of the SBC Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission, observed, "This study did not focus on the immediate damage done to a woman and her unborn child. That is well substantiated. Yet there has been real suppression in the secular media over the clear and present link between abortion and the impact on the mental health of...

Ours is an age of the discount human life. Once valued and esteemed above all creation, guarded as sacred and treated as holy, today the value of human life is often devalued to be on par with animal and plant life. Teachers who feed our children a continual self-esteem diet will move to the next lesson and vigorously teach that there is no difference between the child and the monkey at the zoo. No wonder the self-esteem message isn't getting through!

One of these teachers of the discounted human existence attempts to refute the Judeo-Christian idea of the sanctity and rightful role of dominance of human life, by stating that,

"The field of taxonomy clearly shows humans are Homo sapiens, primates in the animal kingdom. The denigration of other beings and the domination of the planet are doctrin...

Actress Jennifer O'Neill told a Capitol Hill briefing she suffered for years after an abortion until she received healing through Jesus Christ.

"I had the abortion and paid for it all my life until I healed and am now able to help other women," O'Neill tearfully told an audience of more than sixty-five congressional staff members, according to a report from Pro-life Infonet. "I was told a lie from the pit of hell — that my baby was just a blob of tissue."

She underwent shock therapy in an attempt to overcome her despair, O'Neill said, according to the report. She found healing finally...

When someone labels his position "pro-choice," whose choice does he or she mean?

An article titled "Who's Making the Choice?" in the Post-Abortion Review states, "Hundreds of thousands of women undergo unwanted abortions every year to please someone else or because of pressure or coercion by their sexual partners, parents, social workers, counselors, employers, or school administrators." A boyfriend or parent threatens to throw her into the streets unless she follows his or her wishes. A boss gives an employment ultimatum. Social or school stigma interferes with the "choice" the girl would otherwise make. According to a survey of 252 post-abortive women, more than half said they felt "forced" into the abortion by others.

In one survey 70 perc...

But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you. ~ Matthew 6:33 (NKJV)

Technology has improved considerably the mechanisms of navigation. Yet, these advances in instrumentation have not changed the basic practices of navigation that guided ancient explorers and modern trailblazers alike. Then and now, successful piloting has resulted largely from setting a true reference to start the journey and measuring progress along the way. Even with satellite navigation, a grid reference must be synchronized with known points on the earth in order to ensure that plotting information is trustworthy.

The Empowering Kingdom Growth initiative seeks to be a catalyst to encourage and inspire Southern Baptists to be...

The tour hostess continued to speak as she directed our group around the top of the gigantic stadium.

"When you watch a football game televised from the Dallas Cowboys Texas Stadium you cannot miss the Lone Star of Texas in the center of the field at the fifty yard line." She pointed and continued to speak, "Now locate the tip of the single point on the star. An imaginary line from that tip will take you to the Cowboys' sideline and on up to the owner's personal sky box.

"However, that same imaginary line now points to a place very personal to me. See the Cowboys bench just to the left of the imaginary line? Right there, on the end of that Cowboys bench at the fifty yard line, is where twenty minutes ago someone on this tour shared F.A.I.T.H. with me and I bowed my head and asked Christ to forgive me of my sins and save my soul. I'll never look down on that Dallas Cowboys Lone Star the same way again. It is sorta' like 'The Cowboys C...

One advantage of being in a different city each week is that I get to play golf with a lot people. I love golf. It's like business. You work hard to get to the green and you wind up in the hole. It's actually a great game for pastors. You can put the name of a cantankerous member on the ball. It will change your attitude. When you hit it in the water, you just say, "Drown, you rascal." If you can't find it in the woods, you just say, "I hope nobody finds you." I'm just kidding. Golf is cheaper than Prozac.

Sometimes I'm asked to play with people that I don't know. Last week I played with a guy that missed the ball on his first swing. He stepped back, stepped up to the ball, swung, and missed it again. He put his club down, and I said, "Don't quit now — you have a no-hitter going."

I often golf with a guy who plays pretty badly. He throws his clubs and says things like "this is a dumb," "stupid ga...

America's Hometown Porn Dealer

Movie Gallery is the nation's third largest video rental chain. Many of the company's stores nationwide offer hard-core pornographic movies, often found in "back rooms."

Mike Herring, Senior Vice-President of Movie Gallery, has repeatedly indicated that money is the driving force behind the company's distribution of porn. He noted that, "while adult movies were being rented, other family movies were rented.... It's a matter of economics."

In 2000, American Family Association began a boycott of Movie Gallery. "It is having an impact," says Randy Sharp, special projects director. "Other companies are taking a hard look at their promotional partnerships with Movie Gallery and are backing away." These companies include Coca-Cola, NASCAR, and racing icon, Richard Petty, who ra...