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September 2015 Issue

International Mission Board leaders have outlined a plan to address IMB’s revenue shortfalls and complete a reset of the organization in order to move forward into the future with “innovative vision, wise stewardship, and high accountability.”
The International Mission Board released a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) with extended information about budget adjustments announced August 27 by the mission board.
The heart of the 2015 Send North America Conference was to see a movement of people from within the church living out the mission of God in their everyday lives.
Highlights from the 2015 SBC Book of Reports
Have you ever wondered if there is a single place you can go to find out what your church’s Cooperative Program gifts have accomplished through the SBC missions and ministries you believe in and support?
Becoming part of the Southern Baptist family, both as a church and as an individual, has been on display in 2015.
Barry McCarty, the Southern Baptist Convention’s longtime parliamentarian, shares why he became a Southern Baptist.
A church in New Mexico helps to meet a need in its community with the help of Global Hunger Relief funds.
A simple formula distribution project like this saves lives in sub-Saharan Africa.
For a week of summer camp in a retreat setting, students escape struggles back home for a time of recreation, missions, fellowship, worship, Bible study, and reflection.
This summer, Richardsville Baptist Church announced some joyful news on their sign outside the church building: “18 souls saved during VBS.”
At Lihue Baptist Church, Vacation Bible School is not just a crazy, hectic week marking the busiest days of summer, but the touchstone of their evangelism efforts on the island of Kauai.
United Baptist Church's VBS is effective as a "harvest event" because of faithful ministry the rest of the year.
Kingdom Life Church in Lansing, Michigan, gathers blacks and whites into one united congregation and exemplifies not only what can be done in race relations but also how it can be done.
Cooperative Giving in Scripture: Five Observations by Roger S. Oldham; Pastor Appreciation Opportunities Available by Joe Conway;
“See You in Saint Louis” by Ronnie Floyd; Ferguson Tensions Show Need for SBC’s Crossover by Vicki Stamps.
It’s only by His grace that we’re able to take the high road and rise above an irritation.