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September 2016 Issue

How relevant is the CP funding model in fueling Southern Baptist missions and ministries? I believe it is not only relevant; I believe CP is essential and irreplaceable.
Because of assistance through Southern Baptists’ Global Hunger Relief and Baptist Global Response, families in famine-stricken Lesotho have food to eat.
Standing, speaking, leading, nurturing, and guiding God’s flock among you while addressing the confused and conflicted culture around you requires great discernment, fervent prayer, and deep conviction.
This urgency should compel all of us to a new passion for penetrating lostness and pushing back darkness.
Pushing back the darkness: a simultaneous and sustained four-front strategy.
The SBC Cooperative Program Allocation Budget is totally dependent on the support of two sets of Baptist bodies.
Hell is a place of eternal punishment and torment where God metes out His wrath against sin.
With the purpose of involving Southern Baptist women in all areas of Convention life, the task force has been at work this year conducting a survey and researching resources specifically for women.
The SBC Executive Committee has named a permanent advisory group to continue to equip, inform, and empower all Southern Baptists for the spread of the Gospel.
What seemed like a typical gathering of women at an Atlanta airport hotel one Friday morning in August took a delightful twist!