Fall 2014
The Sower and the Soils
CP: Unintended Consequences
Pastors’ Task Force Releases Report on Declining Baptisms
Southern Baptists Respond to Pastors’ Baptism Task Force Report
“3 Circles” Gospel-Sharing Tool Gains Momentum
Call to Columbus
SBC 2015 Hotel Reservation Form
1% CP Challenge
SBC Presidents
Hunger Happens Everywhere
A Summer of Change for Golden Gate Baptist Seminary
Prayer, CP Build Teamwork at Emmanuel Carlinville
Bivocational/Small Church News
African American Leaders Target Lostness in Nation’s Urban Centers
SBC Entities, Mental Health Advisory Group Elevate Mental Health Ministry
Ministry Grid Offers Leader Training Anytime, Anywhere
SBC 2015 Calendar of Activities
For the Pastor's Wife: Give Me Real Chocolate—And Real Humility


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