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Welcomes New Members, Receives Reports, Strategizes for Further Implementation
The CAAC welcomed five new members, reviewed the group’s database dashboard, prayed for the presidential search committees of five SBC entities, and set 2019 goals and action plans during its August 2–3 meeting in Atlanta.
Members of the Executive Committee CAAC, joined by leaders of more than a dozen ethnic minority fellowships of Southern Baptist churches, presented a preliminary draft of The Many Faces of the Southern Baptist Convention.
The Hispanic Advisory Council's report reflects perspectives from Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central American, South American, Mexican, and European Hispanic communities and first-, second-, and third-generation Hispanic immigrants.
Three advisory groups gave input to SBC Executive Committee President Frank S. Page and his staff during the month of April.
The effectiveness of cell groups in reaching Hispanics, the need for quality discipleship materials in Spanish, and family pressures experienced by Hispanic believers were among the topics discussed at the first meeting of the Hispanic Advisory Council February 3-4.
The Hispanic Advisory Council is a three-year ministry initiative (2011-2014) established by the presidents of the Executive Committee and the North American Mission Board in response to a request from the Hispanic Consortium at its fall 2010 meeting.