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We can witness with great assurance that His Word will not return void; it will accomplish what He pleases.
Hell is a place of eternal punishment and torment where God metes out His wrath against sin.
The authors of the five articles that follow hold to various stripes of premillennialism and amillennialism.
Historical Reflections on Local and Universal Impulses in Baptist Ecclesiology
When LifeWay Research released a study of Lord’s Supper practices in Southern Baptist churches, it created an immediate buzz among pastors, columnists, and denominational bloggers.
Though Southern Baptists have a wide array of practices they view as acceptable for Lord’s Day activities, certain commonalities are clearly embraced.
The following essays address three perspectives concerning who properly may be invited to participate in the Supper of the Lord.
Baptism is an important act of obedience for the follower of Jesus.
"Always Ready": Sharing the Gospel with Your Mormon Friends
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS or Mormon church) professes to be a Christian church. However, a comparison of basic LDS doctrinal positions with historic biblical Christianity reveals many radical differences.
Luke's Vision for Church Life in Acts
People often view the Acts of the Apostles as a book about "going and telling"—a book that describes the spread of witness to Jesus to the ends of the earth. But Acts is also about "going and gathering."