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Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Bill Draper won his way into the hearts of the information technology soldiers of Cyber Shield 19.
Army chaplains meet the unique needs of soldiers by training, serving, and living alongside them.
For one Army chaplain, his calling did not come in the form of a thunderous voice or dramatic event. It came when he opened the local classified section.
On December 19, the executive editor of SBC LIFE was privileged to interview the commandants of the Army, Navy, and Air Force chaplaincy training centers and four other army chaplains stationed at the Armed Forces Chaplaincy Training Center located at Fort Jackson, South Carolina.
Southern Baptists have a profound influence on our nation’s military chaplaincy, both in practice and development. Southern Baptists have more endorsed chaplains serving in the US military than any other denomination or faith group (1,440). Yet their influence does not come primarily from sheer numbers, but from the character of the individuals who serve.